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Having issues with other platforms?

BAIS insurance technology asked brokers and underwriters what the issues were with their current insurance platform.

Here is what they said

"We have to rekey data into our trading platform"

iBAIS 2.0 eliminates the need for rekeying data into any of the major underwriting systems

"Our Bordereau reporting takes ages to complete"

Shed the headache and get your compliance reports at the press of a button with iBAIS 2.0

"I wish we could handle multiple currencies"

Handle foreign currencies and different languages with ease on iBAIS 2.0

"I'm sick of waiting in a queue for support"

"I want to speak to a real person"

Speak directly with real, Sydney-based people with a combined 565 years of insurance, IT and iBAIS system knowledge

"Cost overruns seem to be seen as normal"

Get fixed price proposals, often on the same day as your demo designed to keep you moving forward

Free up your team to focus on clients, not data entry

Move to iBAIS 2.0 - the insurance system that makes it happen

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