A full range of insurance system capabilities and online solutions delivered flexibly to meet each insurers’ specific needs.

iBAIS the insurance system
BAIS Insurers

All aspects of the policy lifecycle, claims management and client account management through to general ledger.


Integrated reinsurance system which can manage a range of reinsurance types from both a policy processing/ceding and claims recovery perspective.

Ability to develop real time interfaces with underwriting agencies, brokers and clients.


Integrated B2B and B2C internet trading capabilities.


Availability for you, your staff and your clients anywhere, anytime with zero deployment required on devices and utilising the latest cloud-based technology.

An extremely intuitive interface that reduces training time, increases productivity and ultimately reduces costs.

continual updates to the system that are made available to the entire iBAIS community.

Multiple language and currency capabilities.

All client data stored securely in isolation.


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Online solutions with integrity

Fully-rated online products with full referral capabilities and online documentation.

Broker/client portals and direct online products.

Robust with comprehensive integrations to back-office systems.


End-to-end solutions designed and developed that integrate seamlessly to your systems.


Website developers who understand the intricacies of insurance data and compliance requirements.

Unrivalled knowledge of insurance data ensures smooth delivery and helps keep costs down.

Online solutions available without the need for insurers to use the iBAIS insurance application.


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