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We know your insurance technology is your livelihood. That’s why we invest heavily in support and the technology to make it happen for your business whenever, wherever and however you need to operate.

We’ve lived and breathed the Australian and broader Asia-Pacific insurance market since 1993.

The Australian-based team, gives you direct, easy access to the people responsible for your project to ensure it meets your needs, smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you are starting your new enterprise and need to be up and running with zero additional computer infrastructure or you are an established business looking to offer online quote, bind and pay options, BAIS delivers.

Our long history of providing cloud-based solutions means you can be assured of a robust system, sound data security and flexible access for your people 24/7.

We are software developers. If you want more than the extensive iBAIS insurance application to run your business, then we will build you what you need – and make sure it is fully integrated.

The software solutions we have developed for businesses worldwide have proved effective in sectors ranging from retail, tourism, shipping and port management as well as insurance. The insurance system, iBAIS, is built using the advanced DesignBAIS.

So, whether you are managing a team of ARs needing different levels of access and their own branding or simply wanting to complete your APRA report from the beach, BAIS makes it happen for you.

Our values


Act with Integrity

We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. When we make a promise, we make sure we keep it,  standing by our fixed price delivery.



Curious and courageous

We often take on projects and challenges that others balk at. It’s in our DNA to be curious about problems and building solutions, even if it isn’t easy.



Find a better way   

We believe there is always a better and smarter way to do things, so we foster constant innovation and improvement in everything we do.

BAIS - Making it happen for your business.

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