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David Hampton appointed to Chief Executive Officer at BAIS insurance technology

We are very pleased to announce David Hampton has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer. He was previously the our General Manager, having joined the company in 2020.

David’s appointment comes at a time when we are looking to continue to invest and grow our support for the insurance industry.

We have provided consistent, robust technology solutions, primarily to the insurance industry, for almost three decades and David’s new role will help drive our roadmap for the future.

Commenting on the appointment, our Chairman, Jim Armstrong, said, “Having spent 30 years leading the company, I have decided to take a step back and David has shown that he is ideally suited to the position of CEO. The series of improvements to our operations, sales and client service capabilities that he has already made demonstrate David is the perfect person to keep driving the company forward”

He added, “I will remain an active part of the BAIS team and can’t wait to see some of the exciting projects we have underway come to fruition.”

David said, "BAIS already provides one of the most robust and user-friendly insurance systems available. In my role as CEO, I am initially focusing on two main areas. Firstly, to continue to drive technology improvements and solutions for underwriting agencies, a sector not well served with dedicated insurance technology products. Secondly, to find insurtech partners, who are looking to find new avenues to showcase their coolest capabilities.

He added, “A successful partnership will provide our underwriting agency and broking clients with access to new solutions and know that all the right check and balances remain in place.”

Prior to joining us, David had an impressive career in the finance and insurance industries, holding senior leadership positions in a number of well-respected companies in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

The BAIS Group includes one of the leading insurance systems, iBAIS and a suite of online solutions, all based on the functionally rich software development toolkit provided by its DesignBAIS capability.

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